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2 Tips on How to Better Serve Your Customers

February 13, 2018


New Year; same Customer Service Excellence Goals!


As an Ad Operations Specialist at Addictive Mobility, I have had a crash course in what it means to help customers get what they want and need.


Customer Service Excellence has always been a core value for Addictive Mobility. Each and every day at Addictive I am encouraged to achieve the best results for our clients that go above and beyond their expectations. I want to share two tips I learned at Addictive for providing excellent customer service. Communication and Education sound very simple, however, these are the fundamental building blocks of a better customer service experience. By strengthening these two skills you'll be on your way to achieving customer service excellence and building great relationships.





When we think about communication, what comes to mind? At Addictive Mobility, communication means Positive Language, Transparency, and Response Time.


Positive Language

It's important to put yourself in your customers' shoes at all times. Think about it:


You go inside your favourite store to buy the item you've been dying to get. You went out of your way and make the drive to where you normally do not go. You ask the customer service representative if they have that item and to help you. The customer service representative simply responds, "We are sold out, sorry".


Now think about it this way:


Same scenario but this time the CSR "Unfortunately, we do not have it in stock at this store. That item was such a hot commodity, it was one of my favorites too. What can I do to help? Would you like me to check at a nearby store? I can recommend something similar.


Which customer experience would you rather enjoy? Using positive language is always a great way to enhance customer experience and also communicate the right information in the right way.



Transparency = Trust, PERIOD! You are the expert and customers SHOULD trust you, but it's not always that easy. Providing transparency is the best way to gain trust and own that expertise. I like to lead customers in the right direction with suggestions that would help improve their campaign performance by letting them know what is or is not working. Hard conversations are going to happen, but your customer will thank you in the end.


Bottom line: providing your customer with transparent answers leads them in the right direction. It assures them you're the expert and the trust has been built!


Response Time

Short Response times are the best times! Think back to every single customer service call center phone line you've been on for minutes, hours even. How did those make you feel? Show your customer you value them and their time. Even if you don't have the answer right away and need time to investigate further, respond back letting them know that.





Again, YOU are the expert! Educating your customers involves mentoring, explaining, and following up. It doesn't mean you need to give anyone a history lesson, but it involves being the guide for your customers from start to finish with any questions they may have.



Being the mentor involves navigating your customers when they ask questions and truly understanding what they are asking. The Golden Rule – there is never such a thing as a stupid question! Keep in mind throughout this whole experience you remain the expert. I like to put myself in the clients' shoes and think about how I can make their experience as simple and easy with us as possible. If they are asking "why isn't this done yet" explain to them the process or what the delay is so they become more knowledgeable about your company and the product.



My advice is to speak their language and keep it simple! Use language they will understand (not your company's jargon) and be clear and concise as possible.


Follow Up

Following up shows your interest and care. When I follow up with my clients – I genuinely want to let them know we care about them and we are doing our best work to achieve the best results for them!

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