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Addictive Mobility Launches Its Mobile In-App Self Serve Platform, EngageFront™   
April 24, 2015

Addictive Mobility announced today the launch of EngageFront. The self-service platform allows users to build out custom mobile in-app advertising campaigns. “As mobile has become the world’s first screen, consumers are spending an estimated 86% of their time in-app. In the crowded cross-platform self-service market, we believe EngageFront will stand out as in-app advertising requires its own strategy to be truly successful,” says Naveed Ahmad, CEO of Addictive Mobility.  

EngageFront is not just a self-serve platform but a full suite of products and services that complement each other. The platform is built upon the Company’s mobile data management platform, Constellation™, its proprietary ad server, and its programmatic tech stack.  The launch of EngageFront strengthens Addictive Mobility’s core competency of developing data driven products within the mobile apps ecosystem. 

EngageFront was developed and tested in-house by its engineering and ad operations teams. The platform offers premium inventory, dynamic creative templates, and real-time reporting. EngageFront was designed with three main users in mind: Agencies and Advertisers, Agency Trading Desks, and SME business owners. Its API means that EngageFront can easily integrate with other platforms.

“As the impact and reach of in-app advertising continues to increase, mobile is the best way to connect with consumers,” said Naveed. “EngageFront puts the power of Addictive Mobility’s in-app specialization and experience in the hands of its users.” 

About Addictive Mobility

Addictive Mobility is a Canadian based pure mobile ad tech company that is working with many of the Fortune 500 brands. The Company has focused on building a platform that not only delivers brand engagement, lift and awareness, but also provides transparency in the data and the deep insights required for clients to run successful mobile ad campaigns. Addictive Mobility’s cutting edge mobile programmatic platform, proprietary optimization techniques, and global inventory analyzes millions of unique users on their mobile devices and reaches them through world class engaging and experiential creative. The Company has offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Dubai and London and can be found on the web at