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Addictive Mobility Launches Full Suite of Mobile First Video Ad Formats
August 11, 2016

Addictive Mobility, a leading mobile ad tech platform, responds to changing mobile video consumption habits with the launch of a full suite of mobile first video ad formats set to include customized Vertical Video, 5 Second Video, and Wrapped Video units. As recent studies have anticipated an impressive 33% growth in mobile video consumption in 2017, the enhanced product suite positions Addictive Mobility to maintain dominant competitive offering.


“We are excited about pushing the boundaries of mobile advertising from a creative content perspective” explained Naveed Ahmad, CEO of Addictive Mobility. “We are seeing the evolution of creative content on mobile move from simple banners to rich media to mobile first video content. We believe that our suite of video formats created solely for the mobile audience will be the next frontier and we are proud to be a leader here. We are already recognized for our technology platform and targeting capabilities, however, building an audience is only one side of the coin. The other side of that coin is creating engaging mobile content for that audience.”

Vertical Video

The Vertical Video, a full screen video unit, is inspired by consumer preference for upright viewing with users selecting vertical orientation 94% of the time. Utilizing the full screen places greater emphasis on the content being served resulting in increased brand memorability and conversions.

5 Second Video

With consumer attention span now limited to an average of 8 seconds for mobile content, the 5 Second Video allows advertisers to reach consumers with key messaging in an impactful and virtually unskippable format. Early campaigns have resulted in completion rates of up to 96% compared to an industry completion rate of approximately 57% for videos served at launch of application or between screen changes. Longer video content intended for alternative channels can be adapted for mobile optimization.

Wrapped Video

The Wrapped Video format integrates video with a companion ad (also known as a leave behind). This creative execution was launched in partnership with Havas Canada and their client Sephora Canada. The user engagement with this innovative execution was significantly higher than user engagement with stand alone video, producing a much higher conversion rate and creating a lasting impression with the advertiser.


The Addictive Mobility Creative Team wrapped the video with branded content and combined this experience with a full screen ad after the video was completed. The companion ad looked like a full screen interstitial and featured the advertiser’s branding, messaging, imagery, and a distinct Call-To-Action.


Julie Forbes, Account Manager, Havas says, “The objective for our campaign was to provide a lasting impression of the Sephora brand beyond the video. As our strategic mobile partner, we came to Addictive Mobility looking for a way to improve performance of our mobile video campaigns. LVMH is always looking for ways to push the boundaries and give their audience the best experience possible with their brands.”